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New to Injectables? Here's What to Know Before Your First Appointment

Cosmetic injectables offer an effective, low-hassle way to transform the appearance of your face. You can use injectables to lessen wrinkles and other signs of aging or to change your facial contours in line with your personal aesthetic goals. Depending on the procedure you use, your results can stay great-looking for months.

At Med Physique Center for Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, our experienced care team offers a variety of injectables, so you can target the exact results you're looking for. Each product works a little differently, so you’ll want to consult with one of our experts before you get started on your transformation journey.

A variety of choices

Depending on where you want your injectables placed, you have a variety of products to choose from. At Med Physique Center for Aesthetics, you can pick between our offerings of:

In addition to these cosmetic procedures, we also offer vitamin injections, like the Lipo-C treatment, that can support your energy and metabolism. These treatments can help you in your weight loss efforts, boosting your levels of important nutrients.

What to do before your appointment

While injectables are noninvasive and don't typically cause significant side effects, you can take steps before your appointment to minimize any reactions and bruising. In the week before you come in for treatment, make sure to get enough vitamin K, vitamin C, and protein, either through your diet or by taking a supplement. We also recommend the natural remedy of arnica to reduce bruising. You can take arnica as a supplement or use gel-based arnica products externally.

Some supplements can actually increase your vulnerability to bruising. Your blood responds to fish oil with a natural anticoagulant reaction, which means it inhibits blood clotting. To heal cleanly after your injectables procedure, avoid fish oil for a few days before you come into the office. Other dietary supplements that can increase your risk of post-injection bruising include garlic, ginkgo, and vitamin E.

The staff at Med Physique Center for Aesthetics performs all injectable procedures with great care. We can minimize your risk of bruising and infection, and deliver natural-looking results that will have you looking great without a lot of downtime. To ensure your results, we consult with you about what you can realistically expect and plan the best treatments for your cosmetic goals.

Get started with injectables by contacting Med Physique Center for Aesthetics today. You can schedule your initial consultation over the phone or by using the online booking tool. We also currently offer telehealth options.


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