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Kybella Specialist

Med Physique Center For Aesthetics

MedSpa & Aesthetic Clinic located in Austin, TX

Extra fullness under your chin can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Kybella® injections offered by the team at Med Physique Center For Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, are a non-surgical way to dissolve this extra fat, leaving you with a firm jawline and profile of which you can feel proud. Call the office or book an appointment online to find out how Kybella can help you.

Kybella Q&A

What is submental fullness?

Submental fullness is the scientific term for a double chin. This extra fat under your chin may have been something you’ve dealt with your whole life due to genetics or developed due to excess weight gain or skin laxity. A full chin can linger even if you’ve successfully lost excess weight elsewhere.

Submental fullness can seriously affect your self-confidence and profile. The good news is that Kybella injections at Med Physique Center For Aesthetics can help you get rid of it for good.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for submental fullness. The injections contain synthetic deoxycholic acid, a molecule that helps your body break down and absorb dietary fat.

Kybella injections destroy fat cells under your chin, leading to a more defined jawline. Kybella is not designed to help you lose weight or slim down in places other than your chin.

Who is a candidate for Kybella?

Men and women bothered by the look of excessive fullness under their chin may benefit from the effects of Kybella injections. Kybella offers a valid alternative to surgical methods of reducing a double chin. Liposuction, for example, can reduce excess chin fat, but it requires anesthesia and comparatively long recovery times.

You should be near a healthy weight and have skin that’s not terribly loose or saggy. Patients of all ages benefit from Kybella.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people are happy with their results after two to four Kybella treatments, spaced about one month apart, although some people need as many as six sessions to achieve their aesthetic goal. Med Physique Center For Aesthetics customizes your treatment plan, so you get the effect you desire.

How long do the effects of Kybella last?

Kybella provides permanent fat reduction. The treated fat cells are destroyed for good, so they can’t plump back up or regenerate. If you do gain weight, however, untreated fat cells in the area can still expand. It’s best to follow a healthy diet and physical activity plan even after Kybella treatments.

If you’re ready to say good-bye to your double chin for good, call Med Physique Center For Aesthetics to find out more about Kybella. Alternatively, set up an appointment online.