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5 Reasons Microneedling Is So Beneficial for Your Skin

Also called collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses dozens of small needles to prick the skin, primarily on the face. It’s used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and large pores, which it does by generating new collagen, elastin, and skin tissue. The collagen and elastin produce smoother, firmer, and more toned skin.

At Med Physique Center for Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, our expert team of aestheticians can help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted through a variety of facial treatments, including microneedling. Below are some of the benefits of using microneedling to address your skin issues.

How does microneedling work?

Your aesthetician first covers your face with a numbing cream, then uses a roller studded with small, sterilized needles which she moves back and forth, creating small wounds as she goes. The trauma triggers the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) to begin the healing process, restarting the production of collagen and elastin, two structural proteins.

The effects are wide-ranging. An American Academy of Dermatology press release indicates that people can expect a reduction in the “appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.” It takes about 2-3 months for your skin to recover fully.

Microneedling is generally performed in a series of 4-6 sessions, each about a month apart. The needles can be inserted deeper into the tissue during subsequent sessions when the collagen-rich skin is thicker and can tolerate it better.

The beauty of microneedling is that your aesthetician can add substances onto the treated area following the needling process that help nourish, heal, or otherwise benefit your skin.

Here at Med Physique Center for Aesthetics, we rely on the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ system to help our clients achieve beautiful skin. After using a roller with very fine, 24-karat gold-plated needles, we inject a personalized blend of ingredients into the punctures that may include anything from hyaluronic acid (which adds skin volume) to vitamins, peptides, dermal fillers, and even BOTOX®.

We also recommend medical-grade skin care products, like SkinCeuticals®, as a follow-up to microneedling. They’re stronger than what you’d get at the pharmacy and are better matched to your skin type.

5 benefits of microneedling 

As we’ve seen, microneedling is a versatile cosmetic treatment option. Here are five of the top benefits of this procedure.

1. Treats a wide range of skin issues

Microneedling covers a lot of ground, addressing issues that include:

2. Can be combined with other procedures and products

As with the AQUAGOLD fine touch system, professionals can add fillers, vitamins, and other substances to the process to make it more effective. They can also deposit medications, such as topical tretinoin or vitamin C, deeper into the tissues than is otherwise possible. This can boost the efficacy of treatment for issues such as scarring.

The addition of platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) to microneedling is a relatively new practice. Also called a Vampire Facelift®, this process involves drawing a small vial of your own blood, then centrifuging it to isolate the platelets in the plasma. These platelets contain numerous growth factors, and by applying them onto the injured skin, they help speed up the healing process.

3. Is minimally invasive, with little downtime

The entire microneedling process may take about 30 minutes or so, depending on the area to be treated. Expect a bit more time if you’re having numbing cream applied for it to take effect. Your skin may be a bit red and flaky, but there’s no reason you can’t go about your daily activities after you’re through.

4. Has few side effects

The most common side effect is skin irritation. Others include:

5. Costs less than other treatments

While the exact price of microneedling (and other types of cosmetic facial treatments) varies, microneedling is generally less expensive than comparable laser treatments and carries far less risk.

Are you looking to tone and perk up your face with a minimum of cost and fuss? If so, give Med Physique Center for Aesthetics a call at 512-453-7000 or schedule an appointment online today.

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